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Our success is based on teamwork. Each team member knows their role, and like a well-oiled machine, will perform smoothly and efficiently. Regardless of their­ position, each employee is a highly valued member of the team. When seconds matter, we pull together to achieve the goal of restoring the client’s property and belongings as close to if not better than its original state as quickly as possible. Each team member has ownership in the success of our projects. We embrace the sense of camaraderie that comes from pulling together for the residents of our community to provide a needed service. When we have improved a structure and prevented further problems for our clients, we are fulfilled.

We provide the highest service level at an affordable price-point for our clients.

We ensure the longevity of our company through repeat and referral business and achieving customer satisfaction in all areas of service. What this means for our clients is that our performance matches our promise. We support a culture of professionalism, integrity, honesty, fairness, attention to detail and service mindset. We foster relationships with our suppliers and customers. Our driving values are honesty, teamwork, integrity, quality people, excellent service, fairness, mutual respect, and positivity.

Excellent Service

Service is the business of Bacon Home Remodeling. Our products are restoration and remodeling, but our business is to serve. Our commitment to delivering excellent customer service is what drives every job. Going beyond primary job completion, engaging with our clients, and tailoring our efforts to their needs is what sets us apart. We are committed to the four tenets of customer-service excellence: Fast response, Quality results, Genuine concern, Clear communication, Once Bacon Home Remodeling is on the job, customers can expect quality results and a superior customer experience. We set the benchmark in restoration and remodeling.


Fairness at Bacon Home Remodeling is our total commitment to the ethical, honest, and forthright dealings with every one of our clients and co-workers. Adhering to our standards of actions ensures each employee will develop trust and respect for each other. Integrity is fundamental to our success. Respect means to hold respect with an expectation of worth and excellence in a person, their ability, and their quality. Mutual respect is this definition shared in equal amounts with people. We foster an environment of mutual respect with our co-workers and our clients. Each employee deserves respect and is part of the team because they are a qualified service professional. Interactions and relationships between co-workers, whether supervisors or technicians, must always be respectful.



Most of our lives are spent at work, so it might as well be enjoyed! Moods and attitudes are contagious, and it’s important that our team members are a positive influence for their colleagues as well as customers.

Quality People

Quality employees are loyal and honest team players who are trained in a variety of areas. At Bacon Home Remodeling we hire only the best. The quality of our employees sets us levels above our competition. It is through our people that we deliver the excellence that our customers deserve. We believe that with quality people and teamwork, we will achieve our goal of a successful and well-structured organization that will treat our clients fairly and with mutual respect. 

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